Best attractions in Khao San Road

Best attractions in Khao San Road london to bangkok Khao San Walking Street will start to close and you can walk from 17:00-21:30. Whether it’s a cool restaurant in the Khao San area Or a stray shop that frequents to set up a booth cultural performances Thai cooking

Let’s have a look at what Khaosan Walking Street has to offer. Of course, if visiting Khao San The must-eat dish is Pad Thai. Khao San Walking Street, he brought all kinds of local Pad Thai restaurants to Pad Thai restaurants that were cooked by the chef from the hotel. So we asked to try Pad Thai with Shrimp (65 baht) sitting at a table along the road that they set up for chilling

They also have food that you can eat while walking, whether it’s hot dogs (39 baht) or roast pork ribs (79 baht) at Streats. Come and try it

There are many interesting activities. whether massage Nailing strands to relieve pain or braiding hair, braiding, there are many shops to choose from. Anyone who wants a souvenir, there are students who accept portraits as well. The housewives came to help set up a booth to organize a pork sarong making workshop. Khao Tom Nam Woon, Roi Malai Of course, these workshops are free of charge. Anyone who wants to try it can reserve a chair to sit and do it for free.

There are also various performances that are hard to find. Whether it’s dancing Khon performances on the main stage, other stages are not inferior Organized both Thai boxing performances The performance of the new idol girls singing performance Eat and watch the show. Really enjoy

Another interesting thing is that within the event, there will be a dumping point for us along the way. There are bins to separate food waste, recyclable waste and general waste. with staff helping to separate waste This is a good start to protect the environment.