Street food, the charm of Thai street food made to order

Street food, Flights from Hong Kong the charm of Thai street food made to order Street food in Bangkok Not allergic to any nation in the world They range from food carts, stalls, to food trucks. mobile restaurant which is popular among tourists around the world Forbes Magazine Ranked number one in the World top 10 cities for street food and the best street food city out of 23 cities around the world.

Porn Lamai Kitchen
A famous hot pan shop at Yaowarat It’s normal to wait in line for a really long time. We love the shop in front of the shop. a fried egg frame The gravy will come out a little sweet. The machine is pretty tight.

Go Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice (Pratunam branch)
For this restaurant, it has been a legend of deliciousness for more than 50 years. I can tell you that the Ko Ang Deng Chicken Rice is something that you must try once in your life. Because the rice smells good Perfect taste with soft boiled chicken. along with the broth that is simmered until smooth It’s a meal that’s so satisfying that we have to come back to test the deliciousness again and again.

A new restaurant in the Michelin Guide, hidden on the 2nd floor of a commercial building at the bottom is a noodle shop. Let me tell you that seafood lovers must smile. Because this restaurant serves quality seafood that is worth the price. Although the price is higher than normal street food. But once you’ve tried it, you won’t regret the money. Like the Crab Fried Rice menu, it’s packed with lots of crab. How about a menu of garlic fried lobsters? and squid basil

Mr. Mong Fried Oysters
Nai Mong Fried Hoi Tod, Hoi Tod MichelinGuide Hey!! Very delicious. We ordered crispy oysters. (Oluwa) while waiting to sit and watch what they do put a lot of oil In my mind, it must be it. When serving, it looks a little less naked. The first touch that I eat is The batter is so crispy, it’s salty and sweet, just right. Do you know what’s interesting? Flour is not oily at all. no oil at all not greasy either The oyster onions used are fresh and can be eaten in bite-sized pieces. The meat is sweet and topped with the dipping sauce that they have given. It’s even more delicious.

Fried Chicken Jeki Soi Polo (Soi Polo Branch)
It is a legendary fried chicken restaurant in Bangkok. in Soi Polo It has been open for more than 50 years. I can tell you that the tender chicken, crispy skin, sprinkled with garlic are very satisfying and even more satisfying with hot sticky rice. It’s really satisfying. And don’t forget to try other Isaan food. Guarantee that it’s cool! Yummy! Every menu, really.

Prince Joke
Joke Prince, Bang Rak I love the burning smell of the pot. It smells so good. The sweet and crunchy minced pork is really delicious.

Jay Oh
Je O is very popular from Mama’s trend. Jay O’s shop has been open for a long time. Other menus are also delicious. Our favorites are fried pork neck, stir-fried mimosa, fried tofu, spicy salmon salad. The shop opens at 17.30 But it is recommended to go from 17.00 or call to make a reservation. Otherwise, you may wait in line until you faint.

Suan Mali Chicken Roasted Noodles Jay Thip
This shop is a shophouse on Yukol 2nd Road. It’s on the other side of the first three shops around Louis Leeman. This shop looks quiet compared to other shops. I’ve never heard a review for this restaurant. But there are always people coming and going. Order roasted roast as before. When eating at this restaurant, I admit that I’m very satisfied. I’ve eaten at two restaurants, but let’s face it, the result turns out to be very good. All in all, I ate it all. Delicious noodles, chicken and eggs.